Lukas K Stiller


Lukas K Stiller

// CV

"for me, photography is telling a whole story with just one image".

Born in Berlin in 1989, Lukas Konstantin Stiller started his photographic career as a professional corporate photographer in the field of lifestyle & sports self-taught in 2019 after graduating in biology. Characteristic is his broad repertoire of visual languages ranging from the reportage-like Leica image to the elaborately flashed action shot. The search for closeness to the subject whether in the water or in the air characterizes his visual language.
His passion & creativity for visual storytelling is not limited to his assignments and is further emphasized by Lukas K Stiller's free works, which have been exhibited several times or can be found in a book published in 2022.

// Clients

  • Volkswagen
  • ZDF
  • AxelSpringer
  • Duotone Kiteboarding
  • Global Kite Association
  • Cabrinha
  • HiFly
  • F2 Kiteboarding
  • Nash Kiteboarding

// Exhibitions

  • "Lost in Time" 2023 // Urban Spree Gallery
  • "Paradox Paradise" 2022 // Urban Spree Gallery
  • "Letters" 2021 // Urban Spree Gallery

// Books

  • "Paradox.Paradise" published by UrbanSpree Books

// Prints